Franchise Consulting Services

  1. Recognition of your company and produce manual
  2. Brand development to gain competitive advantage
  3. Establishment of business model
  4. Planning and budgeting
  5. New markets research
  6. Specify the financial demands from the franchise investor (potential franchisee)
  7. Contact and meet the investors
  8. Analise the potential investor
  9. Produce the franchise aggrement
  10. Check control during the set up process
  11. Check control of the franchise branch operations
  12. Secret customer services
  13. Legal consulting
  14. Business trainings and meetings
  15. Continuous improvement


Franchise Investors Consulting Services

  1. Determine your goals
  2. Determine the business sector
  3. Determine franchise investment strategy
  4. Budgeting
  5. Brand research and analysis
  6. Meet the franchisor
  7. Franchise aggrement
  8. Set up process
  9. Human resouce planning
  10. Business trainings
  11. Development research
  12. Legal Consulting