Franchise Türkiye® provides consultancy services to establish/develop franchise business model/network for the companies which are successfully operating in their field, established unique business model or have well-known strong brand (national and international).

Franchise Türkiye® has principle to provide consulting services to the brands which have created value, high growth potential or strong reputation. We develop the business model for the companies to increase the reputation of, and foster the market value of the brands.

We aim to sustain success in the franchise business/investments therefore we employ detailed consultancy services for franchisors and franchisees.

YED FT-Franchise Tükiye Cosulting Services and Trade Co. started as an e-trade and online shop company in 2005 and continues its business operations in this sector. Beginning of 2016, YED FT Co. expanded its business via establishing FranchiseTürkiye® consulting services company.

Franchise Türkiye® has principle to employ international career proprietor, experienced consultants. Therefore, our company has well established corporate structure and established overseas offices after one year FranchiseTürkiye® initiated business services. Our offices serve in Balkanian countries and we collaborate as business partnership basis with consulting companies from Germany and the UK.

Franchise Türkiye®’s consultants have franchise consulting experience in the UK, USA and Turkey. We adapt our business model through scrutinising our overseas experiences, cases and considering Turkish market values, conditions.

Our consulting services involve: Recognition of your company and produce manual, Brand development to gain competitive advantage, Establishment of business model, Planning and budgeting, New market research, Brand/sector matching, Contact and meet the investors, Analise the potential investor, Franchise investment strategy, Franchise aggrement, Franchise set up planning, Human resource planning, Check control during the set up process, Check control of the franchise branch operations, Secret customer, Legal consulting, Business trainings and meetings, Continuous improvement research.